Gallery 2018

SI Fremantle - congratulations Karess

President Annie from SI Fremantle commented -Thanks Karess we are all so proud of you, well done I believe you may be the first Lawyer to be President at SI Fremantle.

SI Fremantle Christmas present wrapping

SI Fremantle final meeting for this year. We celebrated with present wrapping of toiletries (47 gifts) for our local Women’s Refuges and also provided 27 shoe boxes with essentials and special items for our Men’s Refuge in Fremantle which is supported by the Uniting Church and additional surplus items will be distributed to St Thomas Church in Willagee. We had a total of 26 members and friends doing all the busy stuff with all items donated by our SI Fremantle members and friends to produce this wonderful result. Visiting Soroptimist Mariette van Mierlo from Zutphen in the Netherlands was with us for the evening and worked alongside us during the night. Mariette is in Perth visiting her daughter, she was wearing orange to promote the 16 Days of Activism, the rest of us were wearing orange tags to support this annual event. Mariette addressed our meeting telling us of her club activities and projects. We all sat around sipping champagne and feasting on the lovely supper provided by the members. It was an enjoyable and productive evening. Our President Elect brought her mother Anita (who is in town to celebrate Karess’s graduation from Law School at NotreDame University), Karess’s sister Fleur was also working with us. Thanks for a fantastically busy SI Year as your President for 2018 Annie Carswell

SIWA  - National Council of Women WA Christmas Lunch

A lovely celebration lunch at Mantra on Hay Hotel PERTH Guest speaker Senator Linda Reynolds spoke on Modern Slavery specifically relating to orphanages in Cambodia.

SI Canning District - Assisting Days for girls Perth

A big thank-you to SOROPTIMIST CANNING DISTRICT for their very generous donation. What wonderful partners we make in helping girls and women everywhere. We look forward in see you at our sew days in 2019.

SI Helena - Transition Bursary

Graduation Day at Clayton View Primary school is always a day for celebration of what it means to be a Soroptimist. The recipient of this year’s Transition Bursary is a very impressive young lady named Biannca Lear. Rosalie Gordon and Robyn Cain attended the graduation to present the award.

SI Albany - Launch of Purple Bench

Today, 4 December 2018, the first Purple Bench was launched in Albany. Peter Watson MLA for Albany spoke to the attendees about the history of the purple bench and how the unveiling was timely - during the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. Peter was resplendent in a purple shirt. The unveiling revealed the stainless steel plaque. Thanks to Peter for your time and kind words. The project was initiated by Albany Soroptimists in partnership with Anglicare and the Albany Family and Domestic Violence Action Group. The presence of the Purple Bench in a location where events have been held will raise public awareness and provides the opportunity for this important issue to remain visible, as well as providing a physical place to reflect about the important work achieved to date and how we can encourage the next generation to bring an end to domestic and family violence. City of Albany Mayor Dennis, Councillors and several staff members attended along with various community organisations & groups and Soroptimists. Thank you to the City of Albany - staff painted and positioned the bench, installed the plaque and cleaned it (the seagulls love it). There may be an opportunity for more purple benches to be installed within the City of Albany. Initial inquiries can be directed to

SIWA Pre Christmas lunch in Safety Bay

Members of the SIWA Executive Committee held their final meeting for 2018. Then it was off to lunch. Thanks to Annie for the photo. Vida & Bronwyn joined in via SKYPE from Albany and Roni participated from Geraldton via Facetime

SI Albany - 27 11 18 Dinner meeting

27 11 2018 Albany reported - final dinner meeting for 2018. President Jan presented a thank you certificate to Joe our host at Motel Le Grande - the venue for our meetings. Special dessert tonight to remind us - during the 16 days of activism - the UNiTE Campaign’s global advocacy theme this year is: Orange the World:

SI Karratha & Districts - Purple Bench installed

Karratha members have been busy and reported: Thank you ladies Yarn Bombing completed. After knitting and crocheting purple squares, circles and oblong shapes we created a “place” for contemplation recognising 16 days of Activism for the elimination of violence against women Soroptimist International of KarrAtha & districts along with local family violence awareness advocates want to bring the colour purple to public benches in City of Karratha to honour victims of domestic violence in the Pilbara. Last night in the Quarter 2 benches were yarn bombed while we wait for local council to install other benches. After working in the dark - it took a bit longer than anticipated - and with a strong breeze blowing, it was hard to see what the end product looked like. We do hope people stop, sit, contemplate and consider. Soroptimist raise Awareness. The Salvation Army Women’s Refuge support those experiencing domestic violence, and can also help with connections to other organisations.

SI Helena  - busy Soroptimists

SI Helena members had a busy day on Thursday November 22 -firstly at Midland White Ribbon March We also delivered bags to Bunnings for the annual “It’s in the Bag” appeal - essentials for Homeless women.

White Ribbon Day - Silent Marches in various locations

West Australian Soroptimists participated silent marches

SI Karratha & Districts

WA financial guru Nick Bruining shared his top tips for smart retirement saving in Karratha last Friday at a community forum aimed at making seniors more financially savvy. At the invitation of event organisers, the Karratha and Districts branch of Soroptimist International, the author of new book Don’t Panic: Why You Don’t Need $1 Million to Retire Well, presented his no-nonsense advice on that topic to a group of about 50 people at the Karratha International Hotel. Thank you Nick Bruining for donating two of your books “Don”t Panic” for our Raffle at The Retirement Savvy and the lucky winners were Julie Pearse and Sue and Bill Despotovska proudly accepted on their behalf by Lia Scacchia.

SIWA Regional Council Meeting 17 November 2018

Thanks to Annie C for the photos

SI South Perth - New member

SI South Perth reported: Welcome to our newest member Kellie Cowling who was inducted at our meeting last Tuesday. Kellie well and truly earned her stripes by devoting two solid days to helping us with our Spring Fair and we're thrilled to have her as part of our gang.

SI Fremantle - Annual ALCOA Sewing Day 2018

Ladies and gentleman (Steven worked alongside us this afternoon and did a fantastic job as part of our work group) We had the run of the Boardroom at Alcoa headquarters in Booragoon. Thanks to everyone for your, generosity in supplying the fabrics, toiletries, your participation and willingness to give of your time, your sewing expertise and culinary experience for afternoon tea,at our fourth annual Alcoa Sewing and Filling of the customary 100 Welcome Bags for our local Fremantle Women’s Refuges and Willagee Church group. Your efforts are very much appreciated. We had 4 Soroptimists, 2 friends and 8 Alcoa staff members who had the task completed in just under 3 hours. I will deliver 40 bags each to Warrawee and Wyn Carr Women’s Refuges in Fremantle and St Thomas Church Willagee will have their 20 delivered by member Barbara Davidson in the coming days. We all work incredibly well together with each person taking up the challenge to cooperate and get the job done . Well done everybody, another great collaborative community project which we know will benefit 100 local women when they are likely at their most vulnerable arriving at a Refuge with just the clothes they are wearing. Annie Carswell SI Fremantle President

Planning day for 2019 at NotreDame University SI Fremantle

Treasurer Jean Gregory and Roseanne Thomas giving members the all important numbers via the annual financial spread sheet presentation. Lunch was served following the official meeting. Members attending set up the projects, fundraising and donation suggestions which were subsequently ratified at our business meeting on Monday evening by the whole club. Thanks to all for your cooperation and participation, it was really easy and quite quickly processed with the membership all being involved. Annie Carswell President SI Fremantle

SI Canning District


SI Albany at the Albany Show

Soroptimist helped the Rotary Club of Albany City with it's wheel at the show

SI On The Terrace = guests

10.11.18 SI On The Terrace reported; At our last meeting, we were privileged to have two guests joining us: Councillor Joanne Fotakis from the City of Vincent, and Dr Ann O'Neill from Angelhands. Councillor Fotakis gave us an extremely enlightening talk on Women in Politics. We do appreciate and thank her for her attendance as she was quite unwell and came along despite this. Dr O'Neill was invited so we could formally give her a cheque for $600 raised at our fundraiser earlier in the year. She has also indicated that she is interested in joining our club, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that this happens.

SI Fremantle - Melbourne Cup

SI Fremantle Debbie Youngman with her husband Paul at their son’s home in Shelley hosted a fantastic Melbourne Cup lunch on Tuesday. A crowd of 56 attended and in excess of $1100 was raised, this will assist in financial support to the Deadly Koolinga Chef Project in Pinjarra which is sponsored by SI Fremantle. Well done to all involved. Annie C

SI Karratha & Districts

New member and guest speaker

SI Canning District

6 11 2018 – Thanks to Tamara for news from the UK What do Soroptimists do when they travel overseas? Go to another clubs meeting, of course. Thank you to SI Barnstaple for making me feel welcome. So many similar projects, we are all working toward the same goals. Members were bagging petals for their "White Petal" project, to bring awareness to domestic violence. Just like our White Ribbon Day.

SI Fremantle Sausage Sizzle

3 11 2018 Annie reported: Our second very successful Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings in the last two weeks. A wonderful collaborative effort from members, friends, family and a number of students from Seton College Samson doing Community Service work with us. Well done everyone Annie Carswell

SI Fremantle - Bigirl Skirts Broome

Annie C, SI Fremantle President has commented I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of our members and friends who have been so generous with proving material and threads etc for the Bigirl Skirts project in Broome with the indigenous renal dialysis patient from the outlying communities. My friend Salonge who coordinates Aged Care in Broome is so delighted to have such a stash of fabric she is confident they will be able to sew throughout ‘the wet’ with heaps of lovely fabrics. I will be starting another collection in the New Year so hopefully we can do this again. Some more photos for you and thanks again for supporting this worthwhile project.

SI Fremantle - Celebration Lunch for indigenous women following their mammogram screening

16 10 2018 Congratulations to all involved and especially the local aboriginal women who took the initiative and accepted the challenge to go for their breast screening procedures. Well done ladies. It was a lovely healthy learning experience, lots of intimate discussions mixed with lots of laughter, thanks to Adele and staff room Fremantle Women’s Health Centre, for including us in this collaborative experience and to Barbara, Lynne, Ethel, Beatrice and myself for attending, engaging and providing lunch. Your generosity and time involved was much appreciated, it was something a little different from our usual activities, however very worthwhile and enjoyable. The menu was roasted chicken drumsticks, meat patties, with roast pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots and potatoes, with pan fried brussels sprouts and mushrooms. This was followed by very colourful fruit platters. Thanks again ladies. Annie Carswell SI Fremantle

SI South Perth - cut the 20th Birthday Cake

11 10 2018 marks 20 years since the South Perth branch of Soroptimist International was first chartered. Three of the original charter members are still members and we congratulate Mary Smith, Julie Ham and Vida Corbett on receiving their 20 Year Membership badge at our birthday dinner. Seem here cutting the cake with current President and 19 year-er, Kaye Hill. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISP!!!!

SI South Perth - 20th Anniversary Dinner

Thanks to Annie C for the photos

SI Fremantle Meeting Monday 8th October

A busy night at Fremantle

SI Maylands-Peninsula

6/10/18 SIMP reported Some feedback from one of today’s Open Garden visitors - “Extraordinary, tree-filled gardens, fabulous women ... and cups of tea!”

SI Rockingham

6/10/18 SI Rockingham Soroptimists had a wonderful afternoon of music Performed by the Real sing They were fabulous Also a wonderful afternoon tea provided by our fabulous committee Anne Linda Julie Diane and Marita and our ever loyal helper Susan, thank you to everyone who came

SI Albany - Friendship Day

Friendship Day incorporating style swap and a busy bee This was a fun day where we had a chat and enjoyed afternoon tea. BUSY BEE We threaded a variety of small bags to go in our next contribution to Samaritan's Purse Christmas Boxes. Larger bags were threaded to use as toiletry bags for essentials at the Women's Refuge. Trudy showed off the draft lettering for our aprons to wear at the forthcoming garage sale and other events. STYLE SWAP A variety of clothes and accessories were swapped for a small monetary donation. Anything left over will be going to our garage sale Thanks to the afternoon tea providers and our hostess - Carol for opening your house to your Soroptimist Sisters

SI On The Terrace

4/10/18 So happy to welcome two new members to the Club - Lynette McLean and Melinda Addison who has re-joined us after a 5 year or so hiatus. Photos show President Rosemary Cant giving the ladies their badges. Thank you Sandie Kiely for the wonderful photos.

SI Karratha & Districts

3/10/18 New member and guest speaker

Women in Prison Conference - 27 09 2018

The conference was organised by members from SI MaylandsPeninsula, SI On The Terrace and SI South Perth clubs it was a wonderful day, with high calibre guest speakers, inspiring, moving and frightening as well as creating enlightenment and hope for a better future for those unfortunate enough to be involved in the prison system. Thanks to Annie C for the photos and words

SIWA Visitors

SI Australia National Representative Kath Gribble has been visiting WA, attending SIWA region meeting and then a trip to SI Geraldton, Travelling with SI Torrens member Susan Newton. Catherine Evans SISWP Programme Director also travelled to WA and attended the region meeting. SIWA Members out to Lunch at Ascot on the Swan for lunch before seeing Kath off at the airport Sue Newton is staying on for a few more days with family before returning to SI Torrens.

SI Albany and Albany South Coast Lions

President Jan and Secretary Bronwyn were guests of Albany South Coast Lions on Tuesday 18 September, along with President Len from Rotary Albany City. Jan and Len outlined the activities and forward planning for their respective clubs. It is anticipated a meeting will be scheduled for later in the year to include the other service clubs Rotary Albany Port and Apex Albany. It was an enjoyable and lighthearted night - especially when it came to fines and raffle winners.

SI Fremantle - SI Bournmouth's 80th

SI Bournemouth (UK) has celebrated their 80th birthday - they have a friendship link with SI Fremantle. Fremantle member Beatrice Hitt was there for the celebrations along with SISWP's past President Carolyn Hudson - who commented on FB: Just had a lovely day which started with the Lord Lieutenant of Dorset presenting the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service to Soroptimist` International of Bournemouth and culminated in a delicious lunch to celebrate the club's 80th Anniversary. The photos are so memorable. [I saw Carolyn's post and then received Annie's photos and realized the connection] Congratulations SI Bournemouth on your 80th and the significant award

SIWA Socialising after RCM

Time to relax after a busy and enjoyable Regional Council Meeting in Bunbury

SIWA Regional Council Meeting 15 June 2018

Hosted by SI Bunbury - thanks to Annie and others for the photos -

SI Canning District - Fashion Parade

9 September - Fashion parade for a worthwhile cause, Grandcare. Christmas gift baskets for Grandmothers. Hosted by Soroptimist International Canning District. Women supporting women. Well done ladies - What a day Here are our models with some of the outfits

SI Albany - Cancer funding coup

In May 2018 club members discussed an advertisement in a local newspaper, it asked for support for a radiology machine in the Great Southern. It was decided this was a great opportunity for advocacy and emails were sent to nine local politicians. Contact was also made with Mary from Denmark who started the campaign in 2017. There has been a widespread support – with a great result. Rick Wilson, Member for O’Connor spoke in Parliament on Monday 10 September and thanked a lot of people/groups including Soroptimist International. Full story in the Great Southern Weekender

SI Albany - assistance to Albany Street Chaplains

Albany Street Chaplains Assistance Following a guest speaker in October 2017 members were overwhelmed by the volunteer work being done in the CBD of Albany & sometimes under extremely volatile situations and with an outdated mobile phone. The Albany Street Chaplains have been in Albany for nearly 3 years. They are out on the streets on Fri and Sat nights 11 pm until 3 or 4 am in groups of 2. They help people feel safer - particularly women. The donation will assist the group purchase a new mobile phone and a backpack with supplies eg medical, blanket, thongs, sarong, water, sick bags.

SI Fremantle - thank you to members

After the guest speakers the club focused on our own members for a little while with me having the lovely task of acknowledging members long service to the Soroptimist organisation and our local community. Linley Lord who recently moved to Singapore for work was a member for twenty years, first in SI Cambridge and more recently in SI Fremantle Club. Ethel De Pinto, Maxine Kaempf and Diane Hooton have served for fifteen years, Maxine and Di were also SI Cambridge members (Di was not present as she is currently on holiday), Ethel has been with SI Fremantle continuously and was in fact invited to Membership by me. Lynne Jones has been a member for ten years and has been our club President during this time as well as doing Region duties.

SI Fremantle - Guest Speakers

Report from Annie Carswell President SI Fremantle Last night we met at Seton College in Samson with 18 members and friends attending, and two wonderful guest speakers. The first being Michael Piu CEO at St Patrick’s Community Outreach programmes, Michael gave us a very extensive historical reminder of activities from the early seventies to present day, emerging from a simple ‘soup kitchen’ and morphing into the very large and complex collection of services made available to their client base, some of the most marginalised and vulnerable members of our local community. A variety of services are available to homeless or soon be homeless individuals ranging from emergency and ongoing housing accommodation to dental, medical, mental health and podiatry consultations, financial planning assistance, meal services and a safe place to recharge and sort out their lives with the help that is offered by St Pats staff and onsite consultative agencies. A very pleasant duty, thanks ladies for your dedication, enthusiasm and commitment. Our second Guest Speaker was Jayne Katz who also presented at our previous Region Meeting, Jayne is a PhD student at Murdoch University / she is a midwife, clinical nurse practitioner giving us a snapshot of the ‘Baby Coming Are you Ready? Project piloting with the Kimberly indigenous women and working in collaboration across numerous Health Agencies in WA The programme is tailored for use by indigenous families, it’s a new screening tool developed for pregnant Aboriginal women and their partners which is being praised by its users as providing a culturally-safe method to discuss the social and emotional challenges they face, an assessment tool which replaces the ‘one size fits all’ Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) which was developed in Scotland over forty years ago, this new approach is much less clinical and much more culturally appropriate. We finished with a brief look at Jayne’s iPad for a demonstration on how it all comes together. We had the obligatory yummy supper with drinks and finished the evening with a photo shoot with the 300+ Baby Blankets we donated to Jayne for women involved in the project. Members and friends have been sewing the blankets which usually go to Bali to Robyn Lim’s Birthing Clinic, however we decided to pass on what we had in stock to Jayne and provide an ‘in our own backyard’ donation, we have now begun the next wave and sewing will be recommencing for the Bali Birthing Clinic anytime soon. We also had a collection of edible staples to donate to St Thomas’s Church Willagee food delivery project for those in great need. A very busy but rewarding evening at a lovely venue, many thanks to Gary Burgess Seton College for organising the space and supper facilities for us and for arranging for placements for students requiring Community Service hours who assist us at our functions and Sausage Sizzles during the year, this is a fine community partnership which we hope to continue in the future. Thank you also to our dedicated members who are a fantastic group of team players, it’s a privilege to work alongside you all. Annie Carswell President SI Fremantle

Proposed club - SI Ellenbrook

What a fantastic turn out for our Proposed Soroptimist International of Ellenbrook Membership evening we had tonight! Thank you to all guests that came along on this cold night. Your determination and compassion towards others was definitely shown in many ways! It was also interesting to learn more about the lives of women in Ellenbrook and the gender inequality issues that remain in their community. Guest, Jessica Shaw, Member of Swan Hills WA Legislative Assembling, spoke more about this and how she is keen to minimise this and empower women in the Ellenbrook area. We are pleased that guests seemed quite keen in becoming apart of Soroptimist International and even attending some of our upcoming events. Thanks again!

SI Canning District - Fashion Parade

What a fantastic turn out for our Proposed Soroptimist International of Ellenbrook Membership evening we had tonight! Thank you to all guests that came along on this cold night. Your determination and compassion towards others was definitely shown in many ways! It was also interesting to learn more about the lives of women in Ellenbrook and the gender inequality issues that remain in their community. Guest, Jessica Shaw, Member of Swan Hills WA Legislative Assembling, spoke more about this and how she is keen to minimise this and empower women in the Ellenbrook area. We are pleased that guests seemed quite keen in becoming a part of Soroptimist International and even attending some of our upcoming events. Thanks again!

SI Fremantle Members visit ‘Deadly Koolinga Chef class

President Annie reported: After school classes for indigenous children to learn about healthy eating habits, nutrition and feeding a family happen every second Friday from 3.30- 5.30 at a local Community Centre in Pinjarra Very much a family affair, children of all ages attend, the younger ones helping with the preparation and cooking through to young mothers and when we visited there was a great grandmother in attendance giving advice and information regarding the food, cooking and meal planning. One mother was nursing a ‘Joey’ whose mother had been killed in a car crash, we had emus looking in on us when the food was ready. The little ones happily played outside and also enjoyed the afternoon tea provided by the SI Fremantle members watermelon, zucchini slice and pikelets. Caroline gave simple clear instructions and demonstrated how to do some of the preparation but mostly the kids were very engaged and talkative to us and with the rest of their group, clearly dedicated to doing a good job. They had chosen to make sliders so some read buns were topped with beef mince and some had diced chicken topped with pasta sauce, chopped onion, cheese and a generous serve of chopped parsley, one hour later Six Oven baked sliders smelling delicious and served in a tray ready to take home to feed the family. Clean up followed with all pitching in and then they settled down to have a ‘yarn’ before heading home with the meal for the family. SI Fremantle is proud to be financially sponsoring this programme which not only encompasses the nutritional and health aspects of the class but also the fostering of good eating habits, the benefits of communities working together, the family interactions and relationship building with all ages acting together for a common goal and the self sustainability of the activities was very inspirational to see, as Carolyn let go of some supervision and watched the group work together with minimal supervision, we also were included to engage with the group as equals rather than merely being observers. Best wishes for the ongoing success of this programme and good luck with your efforts to gain further funding to replicate the programme in other centres. I am including Dr Caroline’s credentials below in case any other clubs are interested in connecting with her. Dr Caroline Nilson PhD RN RM Academic Chair – Bachelor of Nursing School of Health Professions Murdoch University | Mandurah Campus | Murdoch Campus

SI Albany - display at library

Soroptimists have set up a display at the Albany Public Library - effective from Friday 7 September to Friday 21 September 2018. Our display focuses on "what we do" in Albany and internationally. We have a feature on GYNE Awareness Day Monday 10 September. Thanks to the library staff for their continued support.

SI Fremantle - project Bigirl Skirts

Indigenous dialysis patients help sew 1,000 skirts for outback women in the Kimberley Fremantle President Annie reports: I am hoping to start a collection to help source material for this Kimberley Women’s project Bigirl Skirts my friend Salonge (pictured and my sister in law’s mother Margaret) manages the project and is requesting donations of suitable fabric for the skirts. I am confident there are many Soroptimists with a material stash lurking in a cupboard just waiting to be sewn!! 2 metre lengths of bright colourful COTTON fabric makes a skirt with matching or contrasting BIG pockets (these are used instead of a hand bag) and mean the ladies having treatments have their belongings on their person as they have their dialysis 4-6hour sessions two or three times a week, sometimes daily. The cotton fabrics are cool and comfortable as they sit around in an armchair during these sessions, they sometimes sew during their therapies as well as meeting with the local Broome aged care and dementia clients for a sewing bee afternoon get together. So if you have any 2 metre lengths of highly coloured cotton fabric (or smaller cotton pieces for contrast pockets) please bring/send with a friend to the September Region Meeting in Bunbury or for metro clubs let me know and I can do a pickup if that suits. I have had an offer for transport of fabric during October from a friend who will be travelling to Broome and is happy to deliver it for me. It’s a great project, checkout the link below and whilst they have made a large number of skirts, the climate and limited washing facilities as well as sometimes difficult conditions in their communities the garments don’t last very long, so it’s a continuing work in progress.

SI Rockingham - new member

Welcoming Dianne Sims, our newest member to Rockingham club. We trust you will enjoy a long and exciting association with us.

The Young Soroptimists of Murdoch

Article from the Murdoch Law Newsletter May 2018 The May Edition of the Murdoch University School of Law Newsletter featured Chelsea Fruhwirth and her winning the Soroptimist Public Speaking Competition. The newsletter is circulated widely by the School within and outside the University.

SI Fremantle & SI Rockingham : get together for an enjoyable night

Members of SI Fremantle and visiting SI Rockingham members enjoyed an evening together listening to guest speaker Adele Tan CEO Fremantle Women’s Multicultural Health Centre discussing aspects of business at the centre, including Mental Health, family and domestic violence issues. Sasha de Araújo was officially inducted to membership, although she was with us at the commencement of the year, due to some personal difficulties she was not in a position to maintain SI activities until now, we are happy to have Sasha as a member, her mother Rosaria also attended our meeting to see her daughter’s induction to Soroptimist International Fremantle. During the remainder of the meeting the visiting SI Rockingham members and Eilsa student from Murdoch University interacted with the theme of discussions being SI Fremantle’s experiences in setting up our Young Soroptimist NotreDame Project. There was significant discussion and all present agreed it was a productive and useful get together. Thanks to SI Fremantle members who provided the lovely supper to the 24 strong attendance. Annie Carswell President SI Fremantle

SI Fremantle - New member

Annie Carswell and new member Sasha de Araújo

SI South Perth - Movie Fundraiser

Taking over the Cygnet theatre for another fundraising movie and “the team” selling raffle tickets

SI Karratha

SI Karratha & Districts Reported : A terrific Awareness session today, as Emmily Robinson and Julia Hudson shared their stories of introducing fermented foods to their diets to improve gut health (”good health begins in your gut”). Emmily also showed photos of the deliciousness she enjoys as a vegan. The taste-tests we did of kombucha and kefir, were varied enough to suit all taste buds, and most of us went home with a “scoby” and “grains” to start our own journey. Both ladies did us proud and we hope to be able to do an encore session in a few months. Emmily joined Soroptimists in July, and Julia will be inducted in Sept. For those who attended, contact the ladies on Facebook (private message) if you need anything clarified. If you couldn’t attend, but would like to know when the next session will be, please ”comment” on the FB page

SI Albany - 2018 The Sleep Out for the homeless

10 August 2018 The Sleep Out - Thank you to our members Bronwyn (B2) and Michelle for toughing it out at the event to recognise Homelessness Week in Albany. Conditions were not ideal - wet, windy, hail? and cold - but experienced by the homeless on a nightly basis. A great community event - which included fundraising by the Albany Community Foundation.

SI Fremantle - Win Stroud celebarates

Win Froude 100th Birthday Win was almost a Charter member of SI Fremantle coming on board at the end of 1953 and continuing SI Service till 2000 when she resigned. During her retirement from education and her years at SI Fremantle Win was heavily involved in the remote education of Regional children and in particular improving their literacy abilities. She frequently visited Strelley Station in a tutorial role assisting by distributing reading materials to the children at the station School. Strelley was the first of the fourteen remote schools currently operating in WA, Strelley has over the years supported numerous small out-station schools based on its main campus at Strelley and more recently Warralong Station. Founded on the principle of community control and a strong commitment to cultural maintenance, the Strelley school developed a number of innovative approaches to incorporate Indigenous languages and pedagogy into the school program. Win had numerous other passions which she worked on and with the help of the membership supported many needy causes during her membership time. As you will read in the article below Win was a champion of independent activities for women throughout her life. SI Fremantle (those who remember Win) take this opportunity to congratulate her on this memorable mile stone in her very productive and generous life. happy Birthday Win. Annie Carswell President SI Fremantle

SI Mandurah - guest speaker

SI Mandurah reported: Last month’s meeting Guest Speaker: Sherrie Errington, Shooting Stars. Sherrie advised she had worked with Shooting Stars in Wiluna, Narrogin and on the Perth Leadership program for over two years and had a wealth of experience and many stories which she generously shared with us. Sherrie said that education is the key to the Shooting Stars program whose aim is to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls to attend school regularly. Netball was used as a reward and an incentive to attend school. Since the program began, the average attendance rate had increased to 80% for individuals and improved attendance had increased to 60% per individual. To be a Shooting Star, girls must be at school every day and be in class. The program coordinators are responsible for this. There are a total of seven sites across remote areas and this would shortly be increased to eight. A steering committee had been formed for each of the program/sites.

SI Maylands-Peninsula - New member

07 08 2018 SI MP reported: Tonight was another enjoyable meeting with the induction of our new member Bronwyn! We can already tell she is a dedicated and friendly person which is what Soroptimists are all about. SI Maylands Peninsula wishes her the best.

SI Bunbury - 2 new members

07 08 2018 Bunbury reported: Brand new members Anne Miles (left) and Glenda Kingdon (right) inducted last night by Bobbi our president elect.

SI Bunbury - Mumma Mia

SI Bunbury reported - We made the South West Times with our Mamma Mia 2 fundraiser which was a sell out and all profits going to the South West Women's Refuge. A great success!

SI Albany - Dad's story time

07 08 2018 Great to see the "Soroptimists" chair featuring at Dads storytime today.

SI Karratha - keeping busy

See photos for the details

SI Perth

Met up with Rabina Maharjan School Principal of Saraswsti Niketan Secondary School. To present her with some books for the school library. It was great to see her again. Soroptimist International Perth are involved in a project called Breaking Poverty through Education with this school.

Visiting Soroptimist Carolyn Hudson

Soroptimists enjoying chinese at Lee Palace Chinese Restaurant - thanks to Annie for the photos

SI Fremantle 5th Monday Social dinner at Moondyne Joe’s Fremantle

30 07 2018 SI Fremantle : reported - We were out with visiting Soroptimist Carolyn Hudson from SI Hornsby NSW. Nice meal lots of chatter, great company

SI Albany - toiletry bags for local refuge

WANTED!!! Colourful, good quality, ironed pillow cases, cord and sewing cotton. Why? For the women and children at Albany Women’s Refuge. Last year Soroptimists were very busy making toiletry bags from material, so the personal hygiene essentials collected in March can be distributed. This year, keeping with SI International goals and common sense they made 70 beautifully coloured by cutting pillow cases in half. Luckily many were found for only 50 cents at Op Shops and with a 100m of blind cord (bought by SI) only cost 25c each (plus cord and thread)... wonderful. How can you help? SIMPLE. You can make one, message this page for details OR donate pillow cases, cord and thread. Often we have these bits and pieces extra in cupboards. Please drop into Leading Edge Computers/Multigroup at Unit 3/89 Cockburn Road with your donations. We will also drop a laminated note in each bag explaining that the women of Albany do care for women at the refuge.

SI Albany new member and guest speaker

Dinner meeting 24 July 2018 Theme - Christmas in July - everyone had an enjoyable night. Even though some members reneged on wearing their paper hats. At the start of the meeting our guest speaker Carol, an Albany Noongar, spoke about the origin of Welcome to Country. New member Julie-Ann was introduced by Jacque, her sponsor and inducted by Past President Deb. Orchids were from Pam’s garden. Carol is a passionate Noongar who continues to be active in many diverse roles which includes travelling a lot. Carol enlightened us about the Single Noongar Land Claim and what has been achieved over many years. The business session covered discussions on our upcoming charity night at Spectrum Theatre, finalising participation in The Homeless Sleep Out 2018, confirming that we instigate the Purple Bench concept in Albany plus we decided to financially support the upcoming SIWA - Women In Prison Conference. Members brought their final items for our Christmas in July donation to Foodbank. It was great to see the huge contribution from an “out of towner”. Rosalind conducted a busy fines session.We all contributed to Dry July - funds going to Solaris Albany.

SI Maylands Peninsula - making aprons

29 July 2018 Soroptimist International of Maylands Peninsula members had a morning of screen-printing and cutting to assist with the making of aprons that are going to be used at the Open Gardens event in October. Details:

Notre Dame Orientation Day

SI Fremantle members Sasha de Araújo and Amy Joseph at Notre Dame University Orientation Day (The Young Soroptimists)

SI Mandurah - Literary Lunch - 21 July 2018

While the weather was filthy for outdoor activities on Saturday - A group of 30 women enjoyed the Literary lunch or morning tea in the company of West Australian author Sasha Wasley at Sunbreakers restaurant on Mandurah Terrace. Sasha was delightful and kept everyone captivated with her story of the events which saw her as a digital publisher initially with young adult paranormal fiction and interestingly she prefers the more organic style of having her Rural romance books now on shelves published by Penguin. Afterward she dined with the group for a beautiful 2 course lunch with women from several service groups being represented. Those being The Compassionate Friends of Mandurah, Zonta, Probus of Rockingham and of course friends, family and members of Soroptimist International of Mandurah and our Region President Anne Allen. It was a great day and we were delighted with lots of positive feedback to look forward to hosting a literary themed lunch again next year. Thank you for your support

The Young Soroptimists Murdoch

Members of Soroptimist International of Rockingham joining the Young Soroptimists of Murdoch at the O-Day Stall. — with Éilis McCarthy at Murdoch Uni.

SI On The Terrace - 25th Anniversary Dinner

18 July 2018 Great evening and photos - thanks to Annie C

SI Karratha

Pilbara Girl 2018 (supported by Soroptimist International Karratha and Districts) held at The Ibis Hotel was a truly “special “ evening . The competing girls were all exceptional and the six winners who will go to Broome in October were Hannah Welganasz and Makaila Saylor from Karratha and Cynthia Cameron-Turland , Verina Bin Saad, Alice Shields and Holly Spurling all from Port Hedland. Congratulations girls and good luck in Broome

SI South Perth - Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker this month was Jaslin Kalsi, a PHD student at Curtin University, who was a finalist in the SI Public Speaking Competition. Jaslin's desire to inspire, empower and support women and to identify and address gender inequality aligns beautifully with the goals of Soroptimism — with Kaye Hill and Jaslin Kalsi.

SI Mandurah - Literary Lunch

Free bookmarks designed by our secretary Linda ready for our Literary Lunch. Thanks Sian Gair for the help in assembly

SI Fremantle - visit from Solaris

Report from Fremantle: left Member Rosanne Donaldson thanking Guest Speaker Lencie Wenden who informed us on aspects relating to Solaris Cancer Care organisation at our July Business meeting.

SI South - congratulations

SI South Perth reported: Congratulations to member Dana McMullen who was Runner-Up in the National Council of Women of WA's 2018 STEM Bursary. Dana is our youngest member and is studying Mechanical Engineering (Honours) at Curtin University. She is, among other things, one the driving forces behind Girls for Girls, a fantastic group of young women who offer inspiration, support and learning opportunities to succeed in school, life and career. Congratulations Dana!

SI Joondalup - with Even Keel Bipolar Support

Soroptimist International of Joondalup is in partnership with Even Keel Bipolar Support in providing carer support for those who care for some-one with a mental illness. The support team meet once a month; for more information go to the Even Keel Support webpage.

SI On The Terrace - Farewell

Annie from SI OTT has advised: we bid a sad farewell to President Victoria who has decided to return to her home state of Queensland, and welcome incoming President Rosemary Cant. We thank you Victoria, for your contribution to the club, and look forward to hearing which SI club you decide to join when you get settled.

SI Karratha - Hello and goodbye

Glen Slee welcomes new member Emmily Robinson to S I KAD! Terrific to welcome Emmily to the club... but sad to be saying farewell to Lindy Chan who is taking early retirement and heading back to Sunshine Coast to plunge into an off-grid lifestyle. Your commitment, support, and enthusiasm will be greatly missed Lindy.

SI Fremantle & other clubs - Beanies update

RED BEANIE NEWS! NOW DELIVERED TO NUNS IN WEST SIKKIM!! Message from Pamela (SI Fremantle) Thank you generous SI Sisters and friends. I’m just letting you know that now our Red Beanies have reached a remote area of West Sikkim where they were willingly and graciously received by Nuns. When I was in Kathmandu a year ago, my wonderful friend Razzu Tuladhar of ‘Samsara Journeys’ mentioned that the Nuns in Sikkim could benefit from our Red Beanie Project. I welcomed this idea and thanks to Razzu, some of our beanies are now in Sikkim warming these amazing women who serve their community tirelessly. How wonderful!! I’m delighted that our generosity is stretching to other areas of great need high in the Himalayas. Thank you for your continued support with this project.

SI Albany at the library

Soroptimist Donation Open a book and open a world of imagination for a child. This is the philosophy behind Story time and Rhyme time at Albany Public Library, and now this special time just got a lot more colourful. Thanks to Soroptimist International Albany, the Library has a bright new chair available to use during story time or by nursing parents. Soroptimist International Albany donated $700 toward the chair to support their goal of enhancing the lives of women and children through education and healthcare. Albany Public Library Youth Services Librarian Dora Adeline said the chair is a great addition to the newly refurbished junior area of the Library. We’re incredibly grateful for this generous donation from the Soroptimist. The chair gives nursing parents a comfortable seat in the children’s area of the library and it’s also great for Story time and Rhyme time.

SI Fremantle & SI Perth combined meeting

28 June 2016 Report from President Annie Carswell SI Perth President Emily thanks for the invitation. Drinks and nibbles put on by Perth club snacks from SI Fremantle Had a lovely evening together. Chelsea Fruhwirth (Public Speaking Competition Winner) was the speaker who thanked the two clubs for sponsoring her to the COC in Melbourne Thanks for your hospitality SI Perth

SI Fremantle Presentations

SI Fremantle reported: Monday 25th June at Seton College Hamilton Hill, a lovely evening giving four young students from Notre Dame University our Annual Education Scholarships. We also presented cheques (Photos from for $10,500 each to The Fremantle Street Doctor, and Fremantle Multi Cultural Centre with $2000 to St Patrick’s Church Fremantle to help support the Starlight Choir, these amounts totalling $23,000 being the proceeds from our SI Fremantle Annual Art Auction -Help the Homeless, representatives from the three organisations were in attendance to receive their Cheques. Our guest speaker for the evening was Carol Shannon CEO of Leeuwin Sailing Ship Adventures Fremantle, Carol gave us an update on the sailing ship which focuses on teamwork and cooperation from their young participants so necessary for the success of the voyages. It was a delightful evening. Very much appreciated the hospitality of Seton College who provided the venue and facilities, also the SI Fremantle members who as always come up with the wonderful refreshments. (Photos courtesy Fremantle Shipping News)

SI Karratha - Days for Girls

When Brenda Dawes, Days for Girls WA State Coordinator, presented to groups of Year 11 and 12 girls at Karratha Senior High School, the facts of life for millions of girls worldwide, was at times confronting, and simultaneous inspiring. This is the upbeat clip she encouraged the girls to “check out”! Take a look. I’m sure you will enjoy.

SI Rockingham - Welcome Back

Welcome back Julie We are so pleased that our little group is growing slowly

SI Fremantle - community partnership project making quilts

SI Fremantle members (6) at the home of member Pamela Davie along with (9) Alcoa staff members in a community partnership project making quilts, welcome toiletry bags for Women’s Refuges and baby blankets for distribution. SI Fremantle has just been notified of the successful financial grant of $3000 for this community project which will provide the funds to purchase additional fabrics for quilt making for Foster Kids WA. We are very fortunate that Pam’s daughter Alexis was able to submit the grant application on our behalf. Thanks Alexis your efforts are much appreciated.

SIWA Regional Council Meeting 16 June 2018

Hosted by SI Joondalup at Currambine Community Centre

SI South Perth - Beanies

Beanies made with love! Another success beanie drive this year.

SI Karratha Guest Speaker

An excellent evening was provided by Charlene Bezuidenhout from St. John’s Ambulance.

SI Rockingham  = 2017 Garage Sale

Soroptimists hard a work

SI Fremantle Birthday dinner

SI Fremantle Birthday at TAFE Fremantle Quinlans Restaurant Celebrating 65 years Congratulations - a great achievement

SI Mandurah - beanies galore

The Great Beanie Count for 2018 is.....110 Beanies!! Smashed last years 70 and there was a few scarves and gloves that snuck in as well. So half will be heading to Soroptimist club in South Perth this weekend and the other half intended locally for HALO to distribute in Mandurah


27 May 2018 Another productive Days for Girls. Missed getting pics of Lindy Chan and Julia Hudson as we were too busy to remember, until packup time!

SI Bunbury - memory walk

26 May 2018 Wild weather couldn't keep us away, Reconciliation Bridge walk in Bunbury, well done to the organisers a great event. After the march and just before the speeches and some harrowing facts about the stolen generation.

SI Rockingham - Biggest Morning Tea

Biggest morning tea. Rain hail and cyclonic winds a bit of sunshine thrown in. Our wonderful Anne open her house for Si Rockingham to hold this event . Thank you to all of the ladies and of course Anne’s hubby Gary for making and baking all our lovely treats. We had a very successful morning Thank you to one and all

SI Rockingham - New member

SI of Rockingham would like to welcome their newest member Glenice Dodd so happy you joined us

SI Mandurah - Mothers' Day

For Mothers day our club member Julie Whatmore managed to get together about 15 pamper packs at late notice for Pat Thomas House. Thank you to her daughter Kristen and friend Letizia from Bonnie and Clyde Hairdressers in Warwick. Thank you Dianne Hill from Silver Sands resort and Jessica Anne Petchell from Timeless Beauty for your donations. Thank you all club members who donated.

SI Fremantle - Help the homeless UPDATE

We held our 9th annual “Help the Homeless Art Auction” on Saturday at the Fremantle Town Hall. The Starlight Hotel Choir started the night warming up the crowd, followed by the Honorable Simone McGurk MLA who officially opened the auction and Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt with the welcome to country. A number of prominent community leaders could be seen in the audience enjoying the auction, including City of South Perth Mayor (and Soroptimist Fremantle member) Sue Doherty and former Member of Parliament Melissa Parke. Proceeds of the auction going to the Fremantle Street Doctor, the Fremantle Multicultural Centre and the Starlight Hotel Choir (a project of St Patricks Community Support Centre) all who provide support and services to those that are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We would like to thank our supporters, The Fremantle City Council, WA Art Auctions, Craig Mostyn Group, Hopgood Ganim, Silver Fern IT, Fremantle Herald, Bitches Brew, New Edition and Roma Cucina. Many thanks go to the Artists, without which the auction would not be able to take place, and our curator Lyn Di Ciero, along with Roseanne Thomas our art auction Project Manager who both work tirelessly to ensure the auction runs smoothly. Also, a big thanks to all our hard working volunteers; students from Seton College and Notre Dame University, Black Swan Health, Fremantle Multicultural Centre and our Soroptimist Fremantle members and family.

SI Helena - Mothers' Day Afternoon Tea

SI Helena Afternoon Tea with Robyn Lim Bali Birthing Centre

SI South Perth - Starick High Tea

12 05 18 Many members attended the Starick Mother's Day High Tea fundraiser today. Starick provides support for women and children experiencing family and domestic violence.In the light of the recent tragedy in the South West, it was so much more poignant to be helping a service that provides two refuges for women with children, counselling, supported community housing, and a whole host of related support services. SISP is proud to continue supporting Starick as best we can. See more about Starick by visiting their website.

SI South Perth - Mothers' Day

12 05 18 Happy Mother's Day to all Mums. Earlier this week, SISP members got together to prepare single roses to be delivered to ladies who receive Meals on Wheels from the South Perth Senior's Centre. We hope all mums have a fabulous day.

SI Fremantle - 2018 Art Auction

Another very successful - Help the Homeless Art Auction SI Fremantle

SIWA members at the CoC in Melbourne

Thanks to Gail for the photos (if you have any queries please contact Gail) To save a copy, right click and save

SISWP Conference of Clubs - Melbourne May 2018

Thanks to all the contributors for these photos - Annie C, Roni + many Facebook uploads Note: Generally the photos are in date order

SI South Perth - Purple bench launched

7 5 18 A few of our members attended the launch of the Purple Bench near the City of South Perth offices last Friday.

SI South Perth - Guest

08 05 2018 Our guest at this morning's meeting was Sue Andrews (right), Manager Family & Community Services at Boronia Pre-Release Centre for Women seen here with Kaye Hill, President.

SI Bunbury - new member

Inducting our newest member Julie Todter, welcome Julie.

SI South Perth Relay for Life

And we're off! The Soroptimist Sunflowers Relay for Life pose for a shot before their epic 24 hour walk to raise money for the Cancer Council. It is doubtful that the group will look quite as fresh and enthusiastic this time tomorrow. If you want to help but not feel the pain, please consider donating to our team effort

SI Albany birthday dinner

28 April 2018 Albany Soroptimists celebrated their 36th birthday as the club was chartered on 24 April 1982.

SI Karratha

Goodbye drinks at Onyx to wish Monica well in her new secondment in Geraldton.

SI Fremantle - Street Doctors

SI Fremantle Art Auction got a mention in our local news for the up coming Art Auction supporting the Street Doctor

SI Fremantle

Representing SI Fremantle Beatrice Hitt and Annie Carswell with former Soroptimist Lyn Ellard from Peduli Bali

SI Fremantle - Public Speaking

In March Soroptimist International WA held a number of heats of their Public Speaking Competition. The Public Speaking competition was open to women currently studying at university, with four topics that competitors could chose to write a 4-6 minute speech on. • What roles can women or girls play in changing society? • How high can a woman or girl fly? • What can you do to encourage peace in our time? • Are women and girls valued in our world?

SI Albany - TAFE Award

Annual Awards Night at South Regional TAFE

SI Fremantle and The Young Soroptimists

As part of International Woman’s Day, Notre Dame students from our SI Fremantle Young Soroptimists Project organised a guest speaker Dianna McTiernan from Equal Opportunity Commission who discussed aspects of Sexual Harassment for young people in an Educational environment. Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the discussion

WA Women's Hall of Fame 2018

On the 18th April, the 2018 Inductees, the Chair, Ms Fiona Reid and Committee members joined Her Excellency, the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC, Governor of Western Australia, for tea.

SI Albany - Albany Women's Centre Kare Kits - assembly

AWC Kare Kits were sorted and made up today, thank you everyone for all your wonderful donations.

SI Perth new members

SI Perth recently welcomed two new members, Christine and Karen! We warmly welcome you both to now being a part of Soroptimist!

SI Helena - sausage sizzle at Bunnings

A successful day at the Bunnings Sausage sizzle, fundraising for our local scholarships. Huge shout out to Chief BBQ Guru Max! Thanks also to Kalamunda Bakers Delight and Avon Valley Meats.

SI Fremantle

SI Fremantle has a long relationship with St Pats especially through our ‘Annual Art Auction of the Homeless’

SI Bunbury - New member and visitor

09 04 2018 Inducting our newest member Karen

SI Fremantle Business Meeting and Birthday celebration

09 04 2018 Maud Martin SI Fremantle member celebrating a significant birthday Happy birthday Maud

SI Joondalup - 40th Birthday celebrations

07 04 2018 SI Joondalup has celebrated it 40th birthday dinner, in style, at the Karrakatta Club. Thanks to Annie C for the fabulous photos.

SI Helena - Guest

04 04 2018 SI Helena President Fay with Jackie De Trafford, visitor from SI Poole (SIGBI) with Jaqueline

SI Karratha - Guest

Thank you Kylah Morrison (CEO KDCCI) for giving us an insight into your life and the amazing way you have dealt with the woman’s role in the 21st century juggling career with motherhood

SI Perth - Guest

SI Perth reported - our Social Meeting on March 22nd was exciting with Justine Robert’s presentation about her programme “Paint the Town REad”, done by United Way whom we support.

SI Maylands-Peninsula IWD

. Debbie Mason, the founder of Starting Over Support (SOS) gave an enlightening talk on the development of the charity, which distributes donated furniture and household goods to families and individuals who are setting up a new home after experiencing crisis situations.Thanks to SI Maylands for hosting the event and providing a mini- Hall of Fame, featuring some inspirational women, past and present.

SI Fremantle - meeting news

02 04 2018 New President Annie Carswell started her tenure following our AGM in February.

President Theresa visits Perth

A busy Sunday morning

SIWA Public Speaking Final 24 03 2018

A very successful afternoon and thanks to Annie C for all the photos of the inaugural event

SIWA RCM and AGM  24 03 2018

Report from Annie (SI Fremantle President) Great crowd, busy day all round SISWP President Theresa was guest of honour SI Fremantle club was happy to host the day with lunch Including the Public Speaking Competition held at 2.00 pm and hosted by SI Rockingham members provided afternoon tea. Thanks for all the photos from members who attended, apologies as they are not in order as the day progressed

SI South Perth - Guest Speaker

SI South Perth reported on 21 March 2018: At our monthly meeting last week, our guest speaker was the lovely Sarita from the Family Foundations Service, a drop in centre for homeless families and those at risk of being homeless. Her talk to us humbled and reinvigorated us to continue to helping these families through story times, donations and in kind support such as the haul of Easter eggs she was able to take for the clients. A shout out to member Anne-Marie who facilitates our dealings with FFS and works tirelessly and quietly in the background.

SI Albany Relay for Life 2018

R4L in Albany 2018 - thanks to our team for a great effort today - very windy conditions. Photos by Deb.

SI South Perth - Beanies 2018

It's time to get your knitting, crochet and sewing needles out again. SISP is running its Beanies for the Homeless project in March, April and May. Last year over 1000 beanies were distributed directly to the homeless in WA via the services offered by a range of agencies working in this field. Contact us for details. If you don't knit, maybe your Mum, friend, neighbour, daughter, husband, wife or son does, or maybe you could donate some wool

SI Bunbury IWD event with Zonta

SI Bunbury's guests (from the Girls Academy) at the Zonta IWD breakfast at Mercure Sanctuary this morning. Mother Jodie with daughters Lara, Isabel and Stephanie. Tomorrow's leaders in the making.

SI South Perth - Girls for Girls Fundraiser

A great night out supporting Girls for Girls with their first fundraising event - Curry for a Cause. It was inspiring to see the excitement and enthusiasm of these wonderful young women working together to support women and girls in need. (And the curries were great.) Well done everyone!

SI Karratha IWD

Speakers and guests at the Soroptimists International Karratha and Districts celebration of International Womens Day 2018. Champagne corks ‘a poppin and poems shared by all as well as inspiring speeches by Sandra Duarte, Jolleen Hicks, Leah Scholes and partner Julie Bridge.

SI South Perth - IWD

What a great International Women's Day yesterday. SI South Perth members attended the UN Women Breakfast at PCEC and were delighted to host students from our local schools. We also celebrated the induction of two of our WA Soroptimist sisters into the Women's Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Hazel Butorac and Kelly Howlett

IWD Inductees at WA Hall of Fame 2018

How wonderful to attend the induction of 14 fabulous women to the WA Women's Hall of Fame, including 2 Soroptimists, Hazel Butorac and Kelly Howlett. The event was at Government House Ballroom and was a fitting tribute to all that these women have achieved. Thanks to Julie for the photos and story

SI Albany - IWD

Lots of people at Join Me On The Bridge on 8 March 2018

SI Rockingham

SIWA President Anne Allen reported on 6 March 2018:What a wonderful evening we had on Tuesday as SI Rockingham celebrated International Women's Day a little early with a Sundowner at the Mary Davies Library in Baldvis. So lovely to hold it at this location named after one of our past members. It was a privilege for me to be able to be one of the speakers in my role as WA Regional President and to share my passion for the work Soroptimists do globally and locally. We also heard from recent Murdoch University Law graduate Lisa van Toor, from Rockingham Deputy Mayor Deb Hamblin and from Associate Professor Jonine Jancey from Curtin University. Women with interests covering the plight of unaccompanied refugees, local government and public health programmes. All giving informative and thought provoking presentations. We also enjoyed the beautiful sound of the Eureka Quartet and were helped on the night by some of the Warnbro Girl Guides

SI Fremantle

Notre Dame students from our SI Fremantle Young Soroptimists Project organised a guest speaker Dianna McTiernan from Equal Opportunity Commission who discussed aspects of Sexual Harassment for young people in an Educational environment. Refreshments were served at 5he conclusion of the discussion

SI Karratha & Districts

President Glen reported: We are so fortunate tonight to welcome Monika Moran to become a member of Karratha Club

SI Maylands Peninsula - IWD

SI Maylands Peninsula Meeting celebrating International Women’s Day Members from SI Fremantle with other invited guests joined the meeting.

SI Albany AGM & Australia Day Award

27 02 18 celebrating

SI Canning District - Retirement Party

Retiring after 53 years of Soroptimist Service with SI Canning District club, Tess Passmore. Afternoon Tea celebration at SI Perth club rooms, ably organised by members and friends of SI Canning Districts, a quite delightful afternoon.

SI Geraldton - Birthday Party

Geraldton Soroptimists gathered at The Gerald for a Friendship Morning Tea. We celebrated the birthday of President Luci Bailey and met some lovely new faces

SI Perth - News

SI Perth reported on 22 02 2018 : Tonight’s meeting was a great hands-on packing evening! 48 toiletry bags were for made for the Red Cross Migration Support Programme and will go to Migrants experiencing financial crisis. Thank you to prospective members Karen & Christine for attending.

SI Karratha & Districts - Day of Service

Report from SI Karratha & Districts: Our Day of Service. Thankyou Eddie, Glen, Adrianna, Danica and Viv. What ‘miracle” workers we were. This was a pioneering Busy Bee as we had no power. A day to remember

SI Helena - New member

Last evening (Feb 20) President Fay inducted Emma Potter to our club. Well done Emma making the meeting after your flight from New Zealand. We look forward to working with you and harnessing your passion for Soroptimist values.

SI Rockingham - 2 new members

Thanks to Roni Davies for her congratulatory words: So pleased to see my friend Marita Beard along with Noelle Emmett being welcomed by Rockingham President Linda Punter as new members of SI Rockingham. Two lovely ladies who will contribute so much. Thank you for joining women of all ages, cultures and ethnic groups who work together to improve the lives of and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. As a Soroptimist, we know you are a leader in your community who believes in making a difference. We look forward to teaming up with you to make the world a better place for women and girls

SI South Perth - AGM

13 February 2018

SI Fremantle - New President

2018 President Annie

SI Karratha & Districts

Welcome Sarah Penn. we are honoured to have you join our Karratha ladies and we trust that our friendship and comradeship will be beneficial to us all for many years to come

SI Bunbury - New Member

Brand new SI Bunbury member Jean is welcomed by President Bernadette. — with Bernadette Durrell.

SI On The Terrace

New President and re-joining member

SI Albany Australia Day Award

Soroptimist International Albany received the City of Albany’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award for a community group or event. Soroptimist International Albany have formed partnerships with organisations such as Albany Women’s Centre, Albany Girl Guides, Hawthorn House and Foodbank to raise awareness of issues affecting young girls and women within the region.

SI Albany new members

Two new members inducted on 23 January 2018

SI Perth - Guest Speaker

SI Perth reported on 11 01 2018 Thanks James for coming to speak about your project “Breaking Poverty through Education” this evening. Some astounding and interesting information about your experiences in Nepal such as families living underground in survival mode. SI Perth is very happy to have helped at least a few children with our donation. We can really see that education not only brings an income, but daily life skills these people need. Many girls would not have been able to gain an education without this project. SI Perth looks forward to helping again. With your empathy and support for these people we wish you all the best.

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